Wait for it....Wait for it....

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Kills 12 months ago
BAAAAM!!!! Haha. This damn Ruin kept grapple hooking up to camp in the tower so I found a bowie knife on a body, picked it up, climbed up and waited. 馃榿馃槀
P.S!! If u are a regular I help support and I have missed some clips plz just msg them to me as I've been busy the last couple of days. That doesn't mean everyone I don't know should spam me tho lol. But you guys who we mutually support y'all know who you are. Thanks for understanding. Things will be back to normal with me soon. 馃
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MondoGaming 12 months ago
probably me I'm up there every second of firing range lol
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Kills 12 months ago
Haha y'all are hilarious 馃榿

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