6k Duos Game With Charge Rifle/G7

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KocaineKowboys 15 days ago
Working on another wipetage that i'll post sometime tomorrow featuring some of my first duo wins. This clip was too long to be included in it so decided to just post it. #Apex #ApexLegends #ApexDuos #clutchstream
TNG_Abu 14 days ago
Nice bro I was playing the other day and I failed with the charge rifle lmaooo
KocaineKowboys 14 days ago
Idk why these guys kept sticking their heads out. When i'm up against a guy with charge rifle i try to move cover to cover while flanking to close the distance. I hate when i get zapped by that damn thing. Thanks for watching & supporting as always, my dude. @TNG_Abu
TNG_Abu 14 days ago
You already know bro I love your content. Also few days before modern warfare dropped I was trying my hardest to get good at this game idk lmaooo I’m not there yet. Maybe I have to run with you one of these days for the carry 😂🔥
gooody17 5 days ago
Dirty with that charge rifle!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

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