Duo Wipes Montage #3

700 views 聽路聽 27 days ago 91
KocaineKowboys 27 days ago
I feel like this game mode can help people to become better at the traditional Apex because if you can wipe 2 ppl by yourself then 3 should'nt be too much harder. Plus you have the extra teammate in traditional Apex to pick up the slack. That is unless they're complete idiots. It happens sometimes. #Apex #ApexLegends #ApexDuos #clutchstream
ZzzSliCK 27 days ago
miissbunny 27 days ago
I agree! 馃槆
ace_killa_og5 27 days ago
Okay I love this comment that on here about wiping two people and to tell you the true you are right
ace_killa_og5 27 days ago
I like this. A lot of you can kill two people by your self then you can take on three people by yourself

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