Happy Halloween Everybody!

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KocaineKowboys 1 month ago
Hope everyone had a great night. Here's a random BF4 montage just because. #Battlefield4 #BF4 #BattlefieldVet #clutchstream
K8Iyn 1 month ago
Happy Halloween!
KocaineKowboys 1 month ago
Thank you @K8Iyn Hope yours was fun!
K8Iyn 1 month ago
Halloween was canceled for us due to severe weather but I still got to take my kiddos trick or treating ♥️
KocaineKowboys 1 month ago
We got lucky where i'm at and had a small window where i took mine when it wasn't raining. Didn't start downpouring here til around 8 so just after the trick or treating.

Battlefield 4

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