Another Boss Down

765 views 聽路聽 3 months ago 101
KocaineKowboys 3 months ago
Still running this game solo. I try to avoid the matchmaking terminals in the safe houses because this game has been easy af so far. Decided to run a shotgun as my secondary and i've just been blowing dudes away. #TheDivision2
Letsride31 3 months ago
WhTs your gear score!? And forget that solo mission stuff! Letsride!! 馃敟馃敟馃馃従馃搱
KocaineKowboys 3 months ago
Idk i'll have to check.
KocaineKowboys 3 months ago
Did some research and i'm not even past level 30 yet so it hasn't even given me a gear score yet. It's still displaying item levels and shit.

The Division 2

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