No Survivors!!!

696 views 聽路聽 1 month ago 77
KocaineKowboys 1 month ago
One last good run with the Mastiff for the win! Then into the freshly dropped Titan to destroy their dropship. That's how you win with style! #Titanfall2
MiniTiger101 1 month ago
@KocaineKowboys yeah sorry, saw that after I commented 馃槄
IronYautja25 1 month ago
@KocaineKowboys jesus did you get featured again. well done
KocaineKowboys 1 month ago
Am i supposed to not get featured? Lol Isn't that the goal we all share?
IronYautja25 1 month ago
@KocaineKowboys lol. all share sure, but one that few obtain. the data with my phone never shows me who gets featured until a couple days later

Titanfall 2

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