500 Followers! Almost 10k Views! Almost 2k Likes! Thank you everyone!

Since you guys seem to enjoy the last fail video I figured I'd bring you guys another one but with multiple games. We all fail and sometimes we flat out get embarrassed. It's all apart of pvp. Thank you all for all the continues support and I hope to bring you guys even better content.

I may even upload a fail compilation every week! I also want to start doing "New follower shout out" videos every week so make sure to follow me so I can add you to the growing list. I'll go through my new followers pages " Yes I have the time" and I'll pick people I like and add them to the list. Even if you don't make it one week you may make it the next. make sure to stay active and post some good content and I got you 💪.

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9 months ago
Much love!! Thanx for rps!!! 9 months ago
Congrats 🔥🤘🏽 9 months ago
I think I’m in love w your channel now😂😭😂😭 9 months ago
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