Fruitlabs Legit

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MixerLe3viathan 5 months ago
Fruitlabs is in beta! Only found on Websites! Search for and make your account! Follow me and start your career or whatever you want it to be!!!!
Shout out to @TTG_xSixtySeven for getting me on this!!!
xSixtySevenx 5 months ago
Word. Glad it’s working out bro
MixerLe3viathan 5 months ago
@xAbyss lol
MixerLe3viathan 5 months ago
@ayeblitz it’s a great place lots of people being friends and all so challenges are a bit hard to win but first place gets 200$ and second place gets 100$ and third place gets 50$ that is if you can make it to the top 3!!!!
MixerLe3viathan 5 months ago
@TTG_xSixtySeven yeah thanks!
Its easy to get PIPS but trying to win challenges on it to win money is hard af!!!


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