Solo🍗 Preseason ☄6k💀🌙9/23/19

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MikeNY 1 month ago
🌟Full Game🌟*🔊*
☇Here is a win from before the update.✌😎
Song:"Butterfly Dance - Jazzinuf"
☇Enjoy. Like. REPOST PLS.
Have a great day!✌
MikeNY 1 month ago
The strange angle of that hill I guess😂, "X" wouldn't catch the vehicle, so instead of accelerating, my trigger just popped my tire, lol.
ECody 1 month ago
5th kill was clean af 🔥
MikeNY 1 month ago
Thanks for watching it homie.👊😆
ECody 1 month ago
Anytime ✌️


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