Daddy Duty

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MokoFoxmynn 7 days ago
Full Video on YT!!!🎉🎉
Thank you so much for watching!❤️❤️
Daddy Duty-
My first Modern Warfare #MoistMonday Montage🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️
...watchya think??... :) Please like/sub/follow/comment 💕
A special shout out to everyone whos been submitting and tagging videos
thank you all so much!🥰🥰
And please, as always....
Keep those clips coming!🤤🤤
@Daddytriz @Pacits @SoaRFear
@F_P_The_Ghost @Gimmeee
@TTG_B1G_TuNa @MrMasterJager
@Finesse_Vapour @Kills
Music: Madeon- All My Friends (Sunday Service Remix)🔊🔊
Cinematics: InfinityWard🎥🎥
THECRUS8DER 4 days ago
@MokoFoxmynn Thank you👌🏼
MokoFoxmynn 4 days ago
Anytime! I’m glad you liked it I spend almost as much time choosing a song as I do making the montage I swear lol 😂😅 @THECRUS8DER
THECRUS8DER 4 days ago
Songs the only thing that can make or break a montage!!! @MokoFoxmynn
MokoFoxmynn 4 days ago
Couldn’t agree more

COD: Modern Warfare

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