#ANE Apex Legends Team Montage!

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MondoGaming 1 month ago
1) Thank you ANE for recruiting me, I know I'm not the best player but I do put the work in to practice and improve day in and day out. Aside from hopefully bringing us glory in upcoming tournaments I will also continue to take great pride in creating videos to give all of you the spotlight!
2) If anybody is interested in hiring me as their editor I am always available & offer work for half the price of larger websites or individuals who edit videos. However I always deliver the same (if not better) quality because I know exactly what gamers are looking for in a montage!
3) Huge thank you to my team for posting this video everywhere with pride and honor in their team! Really looking forward to what we accomplish in the future!
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MondoGaming 1 month ago
@TinkTinksWorld Thank you 🙌
TinkTinksWorld 1 month ago
Anytime brother ✊🏻
Canna710 1 month ago
Kills 1 month ago

Apex Legends

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