Doing A Stream Highlights Video Soon Stay Tuned. ✌

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MondoGaming 29 days ago
Really want to thank everybody who likes and supports my page. I really want to get this website up and running so that it's easier to place an order for my editing. I would love to be the GO-TO editor for Clutch & gaming montages in general. Until then we'll just keep grinding on stream and posting that good good on Clutch!
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TogaHimiko002 29 days ago
Damn that one long pick off thi
TogaHimiko002 29 days ago
ScottyHanzo 29 days ago
great aim, kills and editing broski looking forward to more !
MondoGaming 29 days ago
@ScottyHanzo my man. 🥰

Apex Legends

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