Two 4Man Team Whipe in the same game!!😁💪🏼

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MrHighQuality 6 months ago
I know I haven't been on a lot anymore so sorry I'm lacking in videos for y'all. Here's 2 old team whips in the same game I forgot to post. & Thanks to All the NOX Team for letting me Join the team!!!!💪🏼
Please Like/Repost and Follow for more cool clips! Show the love and i'll show it right back:) Thanks for the Follows in advance❤
I'd like to Thank my DAY ONE Squad, Go Share, Like ,& Follow them!❤ @F_P_The_Ghost @kills @Comflixtionss @YaBoiTurbo & My Cousins- @FaTaLMazterZz @GekyumeThough @ArabGrizz @Ortega93 @CuriousBee32962 @HarleyQuinn980k
NoX_Prometheus 6 months ago
babybackwoodz 6 months ago
@MrHighQuality glad you’re back man and thank you for the shoutout 🙏
MrHighQuality 6 months ago
Thanks guys!! i'll my best to post stuff
babybackwoodz 6 months ago
@MrHighQuality you always got my support bro 🙏✊‼️

COD: Black Ops 4

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