‼️22k W‼️Hell Of A Carry‼️ (24k combined)

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MrMasterJager 9 months ago
I was completely on another lvl this game. Shots and moves were on point!! I know its a long video, was to much action to leave out! After action report at the end! ————————————————
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MrMasterJager 6 months ago
@Turtleboy1367 rock the 301 n be super aggressive n ul get it!
MrMasterJager 6 months ago
@_TommyBarz_ can’t find a chiropractor to cure this damage 😂😂🙏🙏🤙
Turtleboy1367 6 months ago
Forsure bro I’ll get it 👌
Doodooinurshoe 6 months ago

Apex Legends

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