Clutch Squad Wipes In This 11k W

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MrMasterJager 10 months ago
One of my teammates got separated and went down, I wiped that squad to get his banner then went to respawn him. While I’m respawning him my other teammate goes down in the same spot looting the guys I killed... after I wiped that squad n respawned him, found a mastiff n was pmuch a breeze! ——————————————————
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RicoXBL 9 months ago
Turned on post notifications my guy 🤧❤️
Valentine 9 months ago
xMRYUMYUMx 3 months ago
the health was like Flo Rida - "low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low!" Smashed the competition. Held it together and rained bullets on em all. it's was 👌🏆.
Elate_BlackLeaf 1 month ago

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