🤙2 Peacekeeper 3 Man Wipes🤙

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MrMasterJager 1 month ago
I hate having to play dumb game modes to use dlc weapons.... ————————————————
‼️Message me to trade post Not.🔔‼️Feel Free to tag me ➕ follow/add me on xbox1‼️Enjoy! #clutchstream # IV #AN #KCCO #SDS #REKD
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MrMasterJager 1 month ago
@Hub why don’t you ever post anything? Ur clips are always 🔥 u waiting for MW?
Hub 1 month ago
I’m actually planning to post in the next few days my last bo4 montage before the new cod comes out! I’ll be super active when MW comes out I can’t wait. 🔥
Hub 1 month ago
MrMasterJager 1 month ago
@Hub that’s what’s up. Can’t wait to c ur MW content!

COD: Black Ops 4

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