🔥🏆Intense 1v4 Koshka/ICR Quad Clutch🏆🔥

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MrMasterJager 3 months ago
I Was in such a tough spot at the end of this match. Had no heals or equipment so I couldn’t push. Was left with a Koshka and a prayer and I couldn’t miss! If it wasn’t for my teammates yelling at the end that the enemy was trying to get the revive it might have ended different 😂😂 ————————————————
‼️Message me to trade post Not.🔔‼️Feel Free to tag me ➕ follow/add me on xbox1‼️Enjoy! #clutchstream # IV #AN #KCCO #SDS #REKD
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Hub 1 month ago
Nasty with a sniper 🔥
MrMasterJager 30 days ago
@Hub 🙏🙏🙏🤙
G4TV 24 days ago
damn u nasty good shit
benefield8474 13 days ago
Fkn mint!👌🏻

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