😂My Funniest Moment/Fail In MW😂

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MrMasterJager 20 days ago
When OBJ fell after I revived him we were laughing so hard. Then I meant to climb the ladder down to pick him up again but totally failed. I’m so used to walking up to ladder and automatically mounting it in BO4 but in this game well you seen the result 😂😂😂 ———————————————
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Severely_Abused 19 days ago
TTG_Dubble 19 days ago
I've died on same ladder. not sure how the fuck to go down it. but on same level in that middle spot if you jump out the window your character grabs the ladder. wtf
MrMasterJager 19 days ago
@TTG_Dubble really? Didn’t know that. If you rewatch this it shows you what button to hold to climb. Pretty sure hold x
TTG_Dubble 19 days ago
lol well then 😂

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