🎯Sniping Is Deff Growing On Me🎯

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MrMasterJager 22 days ago
The multiple hit markers I get on the same guy is very frustrating and sometimes I feel shots jus disappear but all in all I’m having a good time with it. ————————————————
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TTG_Dubble 22 days ago
the ax 50 sure is fun to use tho especially on ground war!
xXHoyMinoyXx 22 days ago
@TTG_Dubble I agree with you fam, I love sniping on battlefield! I need to make a new montage 😫
MrMasterJager 22 days ago
Ax 50 is the only one I’ve used. Other snipers any good?
TTG_Dubble 22 days ago
the bdr or whatever it is, is good too

COD: Modern Warfare

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