Anybody have nostalgia when you switch turbo build off? Or is it just me?

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MuRkEdBySwAg 30 days ago
There was a reason Fortnite got so big back in season 3. We got introduced to gadgets to achieve high ground over opponents because building like this is tough. That was the competition and what made this game so fun. The building. How hard it was. Now everyone can do it. This game has fallen due to competitive. But their is no skill gap to it. Every time I get on this game I miss the old fortnite more and more
PinkBoston 29 days ago
I was never good at building, never good at this game, but I loved it! Now, with Chapter 2, not so much anymore....
MuRkEdBySwAg 29 days ago
You either fight bots all game or die right off to sweats.
natedog3 29 days ago
I'll 1v1 you in a build battle


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