31 kills 🤯🥶2nd 30💣 in 1 week

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MvpILLY 20 days ago
This definitely goin on YouTube😁😂 make sure you sub so you can see it and plenty of other 20+ kill wins in a nice lil compilation 🙌🏽🙌🏽🔥
AJAY_0ld_Sk00l 17 days ago
Would love to see a full game edit on a 30 kill!
MvpILLY 17 days ago
@AJAY_0ld_Sk00l I have the pubg reports but no footage other than the end. I don’t have a capture card, this was recorded on Xbox and I dont Stream anymore but I might start back next year
AJAY_0ld_Sk00l 17 days ago
@MvpILLY , you can put on record every kill ingame settings. That's all I do fella, until I can get a capture card setup it's how to get some good full game clips, I even edit it all on my phone on a decent app
HIVEMIND 17 days ago


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