My only issue with lockdown defenders is...

They’re the most consistent build on the game in ALL aspects... they don’t miss from the corner... they play defense better than Scottie pippen... ( let that sink in) they Dunk... they literally do everything except dribble . And even then u can’t rip them how they rip you .. why? Bc they’re “ lock down defenders “ that shot contest patch broke this game... and they made it way too easy to play defense this year. I love the fact that u can bump people and put em in a box but u shouldn’t have to make a lock jus to perform like that consistently.... 🤷🏿‍♂️ Ima still play 2k tho lmaoo 3 months ago
Aye man say man lol I be telling people. My lock be flying like he Vince. Put me on the point Ima shut the shit down 3 months ago
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