1v1s just for fun

Really been practicing and trying to improve. Anyone wanna 1v1 me non toxic I get it I’m trash but come see how trash I am. (Dm me need more people to play w) sorry it’s so long but I’ll make a longer one and edit it for my YouTube👍💯 Thanks for everyone’s support.

Reposts, likes, follows are all greatly appreciated!!

Assassin Nation eSports #ANE

Follow these channels for more great clips as well: @Blurr_Rated @TERPYSQUIRTS @Wes4president @DOOM @Daddytriz @Soomajesticc @IBeenSmoking @HighboiiGaming @krazedsteezy @KocaineKowboys @Blimpzy @Ptkcingod @KoRRuPTGHOST @Gimmeee @jelenaa

(Need a couple more tags message me and consistently support to be added)
12 days ago
What’s your gamer tag 8 days ago
Same thing as my clutch. @Imbad1234 and @prettyboyd0m @lxisaiahxl sorry I haven’t been on for a couple days but I’ll be on today 7 days ago
Check me out❤️🤪 7 days ago
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