Fortnite kinda fun again I guess 😑

It’s at least playable and zone wars is a sick edition to just the lobby. Sorry the quality is kinda bad I’m not sure why, and I apologize for being inactive I’ll get on the bo4 grind again and will post more ive just been playing like a bot on fortnite lol.

Reposts, likes, follows are all greatly appreciated!!

Assassin Nation eSports #ANE

Follow these channels for more great clips as well: @Blurr_Rated @TERPYSQUIRTS @Wes4president @DOOM @Daddytriz @Soomajesticc @IBeenSmoking @HighboiiGaming @krazedsteezy @KocaineKowboys @Blimpzy @Ptkcingod @KoRRuPTGHOST @Gimmeee

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14 days ago
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