Don’t even know why I’m posting anything fortnite related because I know 12 year olds are just gonna hate on me in the comments but I started playing a little bit again. First clip was first day back on so shh I’m bad I get it lol. Second clip was just showing my appreciation for adding sbmm to fortnite. I don’t have to deal with again 12 year olds that spend 13 hours a day playing the fucking game and triple ramp rushing me and then edit 3000 walls and shoot me from an edit I couldn’t even see. So this game is actually somewhat playable now. Prob the best thing they could’ve done. Thanks epic. Now 12 year olds start criticizing....NOW! 😂💀 (ps sorry I wasn’t active yesterday I just felt like shit tbh and didn’t wanna get on anything)

Reposts, likes, follows are all greatly appreciated!!

Assassin Nation eSports #ANE

Follow these channels for more great clips as well: @Blurr_Rated @TERPYSQUIRTS @Wes4president @DOOM @Daddytriz @Soomajesticc @IBeenSmoking @HighboiiGaming @krazedsteezy @KocaineKowboys @Blimpzy @Ptkcingod @KoRRuPTGHOST @Gimmeee

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17 days ago
Dont let anyone stop you from doing what you love. 17 days ago
Thank you for the kind words 🙏💯 @GoldennGotYou they don’t stop me but they made the game just unenjoyable lmao now it’s a little better 17 days ago
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