💕Pure Luck!😂😘2 elims & a Win!🥳

1029 views  ·  1 month ago 74
PinkBoston 1 month ago
💕Missing Fortnite sooo much, but gotta game so I'm playing Apex!😘😍⭐Top Poster Fortnite⭐
🦄Follow👀these amazing creators 👇💕💕@iiiBPak😍@Hoodies💝@TragicBDD💕@vGhosted🔥 @BigMike2012💙@ItsLion😈@lxisaiahxl
MyShoulderHurts 30 days ago
I rage quit last night @PinkBoston
PinkBoston 30 days ago
Definitely going to play Apex....it was a blast!💥💥💥
Vviz2k 19 days ago
Was this when the servers were down?
PinkBoston 19 days ago
@Vviz2k Yes!😘

Apex Legends

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