🥳1st Solo Victory Royale!🥳🥳🥳#BOTforLife #BotNOTcarried

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PinkBoston 2 months ago
💕How a Bot wins.....🤪With an AR, SMG & bandages!🙄😳I panic & freak out every final circle...I missed almost every shot!😳So shocked when I saw his loot fall to the ground!😂💕#Spray&Pray
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🦄Follow👀these amazing creators 👇💕💕@iiiBPak😍@Hoodies💝@TragicBDD💕@vGhosted🔥 @BigMike2012💙@ItsLion😈@lxisaiahxl💕 @GntlSoulz
LevxiZzz 2 months ago
0 kills gang!
EHCheetoZ 1 month ago
Congrats 🎉
SmokeLust 1 month ago
nice win
PinkBoston 1 month ago
Thank you guys!!🥳😘😍


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