🙄Ep 22😂How Will Pink Die Today?😳Missing every SHOTTT!

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PinkBoston 21 days ago
💕Would have loved to have gotten both😪Maybe next time!😘If I can land a SHOTTT!
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💕@critical_icy😍@Hoodies💝@AbbottCave2707@TragicBDD💕@XDauraXD🔥 @BigMike2012💙@ItsLion😈@lxisaiahxl
@PiousBarley2537🥳@MyShoulderhurts @CharlieUK99💜🦄
Fallenn 20 days ago
BuyeeheadAustin 20 days ago
Oh ok
PinkBoston 19 days ago
@yxngremedy Thank you!😘😂💕
PinkBoston 19 days ago
We always have a blast when we all play even though I'm not so great at this game!😘


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