71k TDM game 馃槺

1153 views 聽路聽 5 months ago 42
alxinaa 5 months ago
5k clip, 71k game. thank you @Divine for putting up w my freak out. can鈥檛 believe i did this. got my streaks 3 times, i felt so bad. i wanted to back out of the lobby bc it was Elevation but he said let鈥檚 body them real quick then find a new lobby. i guess i really wanted to body them to get it over with 馃槀
alxinaa 5 months ago
@VinnyGraham i was not human for those 10 minutes. it was unbelievable
MURC 5 months ago
Dang! Repost for repost?
SquirtingRage 5 months ago
Let鈥檚 be friends, girl gang
alxinaa 5 months ago
@SquirtingRage add 馃

COD: Black Ops 4

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