Cheeky solo win

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Pr3ciousGamer 30 days ago
This game was so tense I thought I would try out the smoke screen and I worked it to my advantage but I need more practice I understand it’s more for the Assassin class.
I am part of an awesome team #Underdogs with these awesome friends @TAGgamingMixer @SEGASONIC88 & @R1DEORD1E15
Also check these awesome gamers check them out @baileyleeman123 @bluke8341 @IceXVIII @Kelpforrest @ChefCurry1660 @curlydavid @MixerLe3viathan
IceXVIII 30 days ago
Close one. Well played.
Ghoulgirlv3nom_ 28 days ago
Pr3ciousGamer 28 days ago
Aww thanks @Ghoulgirlv3nom_ & @IceXVIII it was a close one I was a sneaky chicken 😆
Ghoulgirlv3nom_ 27 days ago
Lol sneaky kills are the best ones

Realm Royale

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