Wrong place at the wrong time馃槶

1057 views 聽路聽 9 months ago 9
Premium_Gunman 9 months ago
馃挴Red Dead sniper shot馃挴
Add me @Premium Gunman on Xbox for squad up
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WAY_Too_Crazy 9 months ago
Cool I returned the favor for you liking my post
ThatBoiiDey 9 months ago
Congratulations on getting 2nd place! If that was me I would have been pissed. 馃槀馃
Premium_Gunman 9 months ago
@ThatBoiiDey Thanks man馃槀 dead ass I was kinda pissed but then again I didn鈥檛 even think it鈥檇 rank so high. I just kinda threw something out there get views and likes馃槀馃挃
ThatBoiiDey 9 months ago

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