🤩😱Conquering Cataclysm Boss in 2 MINUTES on GrandMaster2! Top 500 for Cataclysm! 🥳💯

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Protato 3 months ago
⚡️#Anthem #CataclysmGrind #Top500⚡️
Had a blast getting this one with the boys! Can’t wait to get the build stronger but this sure was a pretty cool thing we did! Fastest kill I’ve had on her yet! Hope y’all enjoy and stay tuned for more! ***Longer Clip***
😈Slayer Kings😈
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The Homies :
Protato 3 months ago
Not sure when they’re planning on stopping but it’s super dope!
MixerLe3viathan 3 months ago
Nice dude
Protato 3 months ago
@Le3viathan thanks dawg!
Itzericbtw 3 months ago
Nice job and Is the best


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