🥶”Walking Among Giants”🥶Story with the boys! 😎

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Protato 3 months ago
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Just a super dope cinematic I clipped while playing with my homie Yoda! Been a blast playing through the story missions experiencing it again! Gonna be posting a decent bit of this game! Really enjoying the grind and all the homies that I’ve found through it all! Hope y’all enjoy and be sure to stay tuned for more!
***Longer Clip*** 🥳🤘💯
😈Slayer Kings😈
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The Homies :
Protato 3 months ago
Brother I’m an interceptor main!!!! Match made in heaven! Literally been looking for another intercept to play with my man! I feel that all too well! Hyped for that too! But sounds good my dude😎
Protato 3 months ago
Salty is a storm main but I run all 4 but when the sweatbands get slapped on so does the interceptor!
JBear 3 months ago
Lmaoooooooooo 😂🤣😂🤣🤣 I’ll hyu this weekend may have a 4th on the bench if we need him
Protato 3 months ago
Sounds awesome dawg! New update to the cataclysm came out today! As well as 3 new weapon types!! So dope!


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