learning to drift

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RCrouch 25 days ago
decided to try and learn how to drift in motorsport 7. after about an hour I'm starting to get it. converted the 240 to all wheel drive and its amazing lol
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YaBoiAceMan21 24 days ago
its more fun drifting rwd in motorsport 7, id use the drift suspension as well
RCrouch 24 days ago
@YaBoiAceMan21 it has the drift suspension
YaBoiAceMan21 24 days ago
oh fr i couldnt see the angle of the wheels, probably cause your drifting an awd car
JynxedMine 21 days ago
I mean sure, but check out my page for build ideas if your venturing i only drift on fm7

Forza Motorsport 7

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