20000 Views! 4k Likes! 4k Followers! 4 Man Kill Feed!

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Slabbs 1 year ago
4k finally hit 4k!! Thank you so much everyone for all the support. I love this app and community so much and I hope it’s keeps on growing. I’ve met tons of cool ass people and even made some new friends. I’ll do my best to keep up with everyone’s needs and post as much as I can 😂😭✊. Thank you again!!
S/o to everyone who’s support my channel from the beginning to now! (I’m sorry if I forget anyone name). @kills @tips @keb @elusive @soccer1409 @medic @Drakeules @mop @TheZenSouljah @F_P_The_Ghost @FrankScroll @Arkzpath @venom_nu @Freestyle_JT @Seducing @cLx_Future @AceJones @Avoid @MsAvoided @Valentine @Lindesy @KUSHmanThePACK @GreatestWarrior @gr8tkamehameha @NoX_Prometheus @Chrispa2250 @DripRaxs @WaxAndThrax @Daddytriz @Pestilence @hoosierxdaddy69 @Preacher @A01haze @HighboiiGaming @TSteers @deathsdelite @MrMasterJager
TheZenSouljah 1 year ago
Congrats bro💯keep up the great clips 🔥
Slabbs 1 year ago
Thanks brotha @TheZenSouljah 💯

COD: Black Ops 4

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