House for my clutch family ❤

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taintedchild 7 days ago
Just thought i would show you guys what ive been working on 😊 There will be alot more sims to come 💖
💜much love to my boys and team managers @volitivegoblin @AussieCrime @Luigikid @TakenVaullt @Reapertv @KenTTuna 💜
SadMasquerade 7 days ago
Gimme a mf closet bro
taintedchild 7 days ago
@SadMasquerade 😉😜
SadMasquerade 7 days ago
If you’re making the inhabitants then make mine the most messed thing possible
taintedchild 7 days ago
@SadMasquerade haha fair enough 😂 there will be more of this to come. this is just one house in this huge project im doing 😊

The Sims 4

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