608 views 聽路聽 3 months ago 23
A_Tasty_Blunt 3 months ago
Finally got my new controller and mic so you will be seeing alot more 馃挴馃敟
Coursonator 3 months ago
Suppressor doesn鈥檛 affect recoil g @jhutt1995
SchlumpSchlime 2 months ago
@Coursonator bruh trust me I know it doesn't seem like it would but try it out
Coursonator 2 months ago
@jhutt1995 I promise you it doesn鈥檛. Twitch just has no recoil brother
SchlumpSchlime 2 months ago
@Coursonator I'm saying this because I play this game on the streaming pile of shit they call an xbox man and it makes a big difference for me and the random dude that taught me

R6: Siege

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