Finally got to game tonight

Been busy asf with work and tired asf when I get home. I miss everyone tho I’ll be getting back to showing love and reposting as well my bad everyone.

This clip is from 2v2 brawls running with @Skurge_Atlas follow him 🔥🤘🏽and

Follow the squad : @TNG_SaiyajinOji @TNG_PickleRich @twiddlesmighty @DirrtysGirl @Youngk2323 @maj0rJONEZ @STEAM @heaveyhitter @MalcomXanX






5 days ago
Orochi was too much for that man 🥴🥴 5 days ago
hi, you may not know me but im kind of a big deal around here..if you want to like my last 10 clips repost my last 37 clips, I'll like and maybe repost ONE of yours to my 257 1/2+ followers. and that 1/2 is only bcz one of my followers is a little person. all my fail clips get featured..I should be top fail poster of all time, check it out buddy! 5 days ago
Deadass @MalcomXanX lmaooo 😂🔥 5 days ago
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