38-4 Hardcore KC highlights

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TNG_HaYN_Vegeta 1 month ago
Wish I could’ve fit it all but clutch only allows 3 mins 🤷🏽
3litetylarYT 1 month ago
OneNonlyBLONDIE I'm really happy that you became successful and people say this app doesn't help you get noticed...well it does and I'm really happy with the progress I made as well
OneNonlyBLONDIE 1 month ago
So true @3litetylarYT anyone can do anything ❤️ you will always get out whatever effort you put in. Just be positive and supportive and it will pay off
3litetylarYT 1 month ago
your correct about that
TNG_Abu 29 days ago
Wait wtf did I miss ? Aye Matt pay these guys no mind @TNG_HaYN_Vegeta bunch of clowns gonna go back to where they came from in a week or so anyways smfh

COD: Modern Warfare

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