New Titanfall 2 Gameplay

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Truckk1ng95 1 month ago
I'm backkkk adding new gameplay and introducing different games check out my channel Thanks and Enjoy
OrangeBasket347 1 month ago
spitfire is for people that have no skill. you got killed 2 times and only got 1 kill wjere you overshot about 10 extra bullets. nothing about this clip was cool
Truckk1ng95 1 month ago
Thanks for the comment.... Its really an fun game to play
OrangeBasket347 1 month ago
@Truckk1ng95 lol didnt you send my friend hate messages?
Truckk1ng95 1 month ago
no bro I didnt send anyone anything I don't even kno anyone on here period

Titanfall 2

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