Few Arena Clips

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TSteers 2 months ago
Been having issues with my streams getting really choppy and having audio issues not only on stream but in game when I’m streaming, so this is what i got for today lol. Hopefully I’ve fixed it for today but if anyone’s got any tips to fix that please DM me!
🙌🏻Thank you for all the support!🙌🏻
👍🏻Likes and Reposts are always appreciated!🔁
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Chaos 2 months ago
I had the audio issues too, and surprisingly enough it’s the same fix as the fps issues, turn audio quality to low and 3D sound off, then turn whatever you want back on and make sure you return to the lobby after you die or win that round
TSteers 2 months ago
Yea i just lowered my bitrate for my stream that seemed to fix that. The audio overall is just awful rn can’t stand it lol @Chaos how u liking the new chapter tho?


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