6K Solo Dub Feat; Im a snake finish

836 views 聽路聽 10 months ago 58
TTG_FrankScroll 10 months ago
I've lost quite a few times to snakes in the grass.
It felt dirty good to snake a dub..
If ya don't know the "Im a snake" video, search it on YouTube 馃槀
#pubg #playerunknowns #thebattlefield #TTG
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xGHoSTxMALoNEx 10 months ago
Immmaaa snaaaaaake 馃槀
ANE_Dangles 10 months ago
NoX_Prometheus 10 months ago
Cause imma slithering snake馃悕馃悕馃悕
TTG_FrankScroll 10 months ago
Hahaha a slitherly little snake


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