Thank you For The Follow🔔 While your here checkout: Featured clips🔊🔥Follow my family: @XABYSS He’s the best player in Fortnite on This app! #fastestedits #fastestbuilds #legend

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EhSnipes 11 months ago
Checkout @xabyss ;) he is the one who started fortnite up for me 🤯🛡™️
EHVolt 12 days ago
15k viewers bro... insane @EhSnipes
RottenApplegate 4 days ago
Yo how do u post shit on the clash ROYALE thing?
EhSnipes 4 days ago
@RottenApplegate tap the “...” and edit the post, seect the game that your playing or search for it. That way your clips don’t pop up as “unknown”
Yt_RushFN 4 days ago
Type it


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