CLIP IT CLIP IT BCC BCC OMG ~ 8 year old streamers

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2nd account

@Sea24n3 or @UG_Sea24n3 which ever one I’m posting on for this clip

@UG_Astrophlame @Lachlan11 @xAbyss @Loppy @JVnuggets

If you like my clip turn on notifications to never miss a clip and possibly be first. Who knows maybe i will do a shoutout. Maybe its tomorrow maybe later today. YOU NEEEVVVER KNOOOW! Goal: 50k followers then we will do shoutouts every week

Top Poster for ROBLOX Fortnite Cyber Hunters and wait a minute i forgot oh yea NBA Playground 2
7 days ago
That’s not bcc... 7 days ago
@HyprAcussed no duh 🙄 7 days ago
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