Got flash bangs??

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xSixtySevenx 1 month ago
I knew nade spamming in pubg was bad but holy shit I thought my guy was gonna die from a seizure.
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TNG_Abu 1 month ago
😂😂😂😂 that was me when I first experienced it. I was like ok this looks cool how they made the flash bangs but sheesh 😂😂😂
xSixtySevenx 1 month ago
@HIVEMIND who you telling 😂😂I had to look away after the third 😅@TNG_ABU lmao, right? A decent headset makes it intense 🤣
ImIntoxication 1 month ago
dm me I have a question
xSixtySevenx 1 month ago

COD: Modern Warfare

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