Clutch 1 v 4 Squad Wipe For The Win!

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xXHoyMinoyXx 15 days ago
Me and the boys were going nuts last night, this Squad Wipe was intense! I thought I was done for when they started blowing up the house, but I kept my composure and brought home the dub! Hope you all enjoy this clip, I appreciate everyone’s support you all are amazing😌Let’s continue to help each other grow 🤟🏾
xXHoyMinoyXx 15 days ago
@Tommy_Barz_ Had to get the dub for the squad!💪🏾
TinkTinksWorld 15 days ago
I bet bro lol @xXHoyMinoyXx
Ryusenka 15 days ago
What a legendary moment, I’m glad I got to spectate that from sitting out. Had me jump out of my seat 😂 like Mo said it was a W for the fam. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
xXHoyMinoyXx 15 days ago
@Ryusenka So epic bro, glad y’all were apart of it!😌We were ALL going off, I had to bring that dub home for the fam! ✊🏾


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