Harpoon Squad Wipe

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xXHoyMinoyXx 19 days ago
Me and my boy @peacefuleagle34 were going pretty nutty last night! Make sure y’all go give him a follow🤙🏾 Here’s a Squad Wipe only using the Harpoon! Idk what I like more, sniping or snatching people up with the harpoon😅 Hope you all enjoy the clip, thanks for your support! Let’s continue to help each other grow🤟🏾
ITZ_ZIZIT 17 days ago
lmmfao I almost dropped my croissant 😂💀
xXHoyMinoyXx 16 days ago
@ITZ_ZIZIT 😂😂 He tried to be sneaky and it back fired faaassssst 🤟🏾
Nyameche 9 days ago
Ohhhh noooo lol
xXHoyMinoyXx 9 days ago
@Nyameche In my bag big dawg😂✊🏾

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