New motocross simulator MX Bikes

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xXLoneLupoXx 2 months ago
Trying out this new Motocross simulator. Riding on the US national track Budds Creek which ive actuallu raced on in real life. Must say they nailed it perfectly! I’ll be posting more once I get better at it 😂😂
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xXLoneLupoXx 2 months ago
AOGWardog1229 2 months ago
@xXLoneLupoXx ah gotcha. That sounds dope. I like those realistic games like that. Sims make it better
AOGWardog1229 2 months ago
Any word if it’ll be on console?
xXLoneLupoXx 2 months ago
I haven’t seen or heard anything about console release, if I do I’ll lyk 👍🏼

MX Bikes

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