My boat blew up 馃う馃徎

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zPassive_II 28 days ago
I wasn鈥檛 being shot at. I was taking water in from the storm, I could barely turn the ship, and I had no idea not to store the gunpowder where I did. So as I was busy trying to get water out of my ship, I believe I was struck by lighting, which ignited my gunpowder barrels and got me killed lmfaoooo馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
zPassive_II 27 days ago
@TdG_Gaming ahhhh ok, but I can repair the mast like other parts of the boat right?
TdG_Gaming 27 days ago
yeah you can
SonnyBonnes 27 days ago
Damn bro, you ain鈥檛 invite me... I鈥檇 be semen on your boat any day馃ぃ
zPassive_II 27 days ago
@SonnyBonnes LMFAOOOO I will next time bro. I鈥檒l hit you up

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