What is that..... what...

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zPassive_II 21 days ago
I’m new to this game but music like this is never good lmaoooo🤣 I did get away though 😪
TdG_Gaming 20 days ago
if you’re on a sloop (the small ship) it only takes like 10-15 cannonball hits to kill one, and you can snipe and pistol it when you don’t have angles on cannons. the white one is the “shrouded ghost” and in my 5000 hours of gameplay i am yet to find it.
zPassive_II 20 days ago
Damn bro@TdG_Gaming I’ll have to find one lol
JustinCaseBro 18 days ago
Never seen a shrouded either, rumor has it that it only spawns when the servers are down. 😂
TdG_Gaming 18 days ago
yeah that seems about right lol @JustinCaseBro

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